Home Depot My Apron is a web application for Home Depot employees. I used it to see past payroll and hours worked. New Home Depot employees search in vain for the My Apron online portal, the platform they are used to from the branch system.

My Apron - Logo

My Apron is linked to the Home Depot store website. For security reasons, this system can only be accessed in the store through company networks. If you need to access The Home Depot employee portal from home, you must visit www.MyTHDHR.com and access the employee website from there.

Access to this resource tool for Home Depot employees is at MyTHDHR.com. Employees must-visit www.mythdhr.com to access the employee website.

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Employees must have a valid My Apron username and password before they can log in and access the Home Depot My Apron network.

Other requirements for registering with My Apron are a web address for registering with My Apron and a good Internet browser. Of course, a smartphone, PC, or laptop and a fast and reliable internet connection make it easy to access the Home Depot platform.

My Apron-Login

Login Procedure For The Home Depot Employees

With just a few easy steps, you can access My Apron employee and partner information from home using the Home Depot My Apron connection.

  • Click here to visit the official Home Depot My Apron website hdapps.homedepot.com/ESSSecurity.
  • A self-service verification page appears.
  • Fill in the username and password fields
  • Please verify that your My Apron account details have been entered correctly in the field of the My Apron registration form.
  • Click the orange button to submit the portal and access the portal.

Thinks To Keep In Mind Before Login To The Portal

  • My web address to connect to the platform.
  • You need a valid username and password to log into My Apron.
  • Web navigator.
  • PC or laptop or smartphone or tablet with reliable internet access.

You can be a handyman capable of all kinds of home and office renovations, but you need the right equipment and accessories for this. Then Home Depot is the right place for you and if you are one of the employees there, you should use the MyApron portal. Even if you have no idea what this portal is, we have provided you with all kinds of details on how to access, log in and recover your account. Please use all this information and if you want to register you can also use the above information.

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